Why AT&T’s CEO looks so worried during Trump Tower visit


Talk about bad timing.


One day after President-elect Donald Trump wiped the floor with a CNN reporter during his first post-victory press conference, the chief executive of AT&T visited Trump Tower to meet with the next president.

Chief Executive Randall Stephenson seemed to be more than a bit concerned as he passed through the building’s marble lobby on Thursday morning after the pow-wow.

And why wouldn’t he be?

The telco giant’s $85 billion deal to buy Time Warner and its CNN, HBO, Warner Bros., and Turner Broadcasting units, part of Stephenson’s grand plan to grow the Dallas company’s mobile streaming video business, needs to be approved by Trump’s Justice Department.

After the meeting’s scheduled start, Trump was still simmering over CNN, tweeting:

The tweet, plus the way Trump tore into Time Warner’s CNN during Wednesday’s press conference, made it seem like Stephenson had his work cut out for himself in getting back on the president-elect’s good side.

The meeting with President-elect Trump was arranged prior to the spectacular Trump-CNN blowup, sources said on Thursday.

Trump blew up at CNN reporter Jim Acosta after accusing the cable news network of publishing a “fake news” story — about the intelligence community briefing the president-elect on supposed embarrassing evidence the Russians had on him.

CNN stood by its reporting.

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