We Will Set the Rules, Not You: US Media to President-Elect Trump

The American Press Corps, a group of journalists stationed at the White House, has written a combative open letter to President-elect Donald Trump, saying that the words and actions of his administration will be under close scrutiny. The letter also asks the incoming POTUS to brace for “accurate, fearless reporting”.

Warning Trump against shutting access to the media, the Corps writes it was the media’s “airtime and column inches” that he is trying to influence.

The Corps refers to reports that the new press secretary is considering pulling news media offices out of the White House. Trump has also banned journalists and organisations from covering him, taken to Twitter to taunt and threaten them, mocked a disabled journalist, and avoided the press. But the Corps have now drawn the line where it should stop.

Its open letter outlines what Trump can expect from journalists during his term. We, not you, decide how best to serve our readers, listeners, and viewers, the letter begins.