War-ready Russia could wipe out the British Army’s only fighting unit in one afternoon, report reveals

Jon Lockett | The Sun --

The paper, compiled after two days of seminars attended by serving and retired army officers and academics, is a startling insight into Britain’s ability to respond to a Russian attack.

It  states cuts have resulted in a ‘hollowing out or depletion of the army’s capabilities’, especially when faced with a severe threat, reveals the Sunday Times.

Worryingly, it discusses the possibility of losing the army’s whole ‘division in an afternoon’.

And although it admits Britain is not at immediate risk of a direct attack it adds the country could easily be dragged into battle by its allies.

The report explains: “This raises an important question: is the British Army ready for such a possibility?

“If one merely sees preparedness through net manpower and kinetic force capacity, the answer might be a simple ‘no’: the British Army is at its smallest and has faced years of budget cuts.”

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