Video: Unhinged NYU Professor Shrieks at NYPD to Beat Up Trump Supporters (SEVERE CONTENT WARNING)


When people started tweeting at me about this incident, my first instinct was to question whether they could possibly be characterizing the situation accurately. I don't know why: Between this week's disgrace in Berkeley -- replete with atrocious public statements from various Democratic public officials -- and this mind-bending lowlight from last year's unrest at the University of Missouri, nothing should surprise any of us at this point. Scroll ahead to roughly the ten-minute mark and watch an "adult" NYU professor berate NYPD officers for not using physical violence against Trump supporter and Milo-esque 'alt-right' figure Gavin McInnes. Welcome to the insane new "normal," as End of Discussion marauders further lose all semblance of composure in the era of Trump. They don't seem to realize that their pathetic, bullying hysterics helped elevate Trump in the first place, and that their continued beclownment helps discredit his opposition. Good work all around, gang (severe content warning):