U.S. Running Low On Bombs Due To Strikes Against ISIS

Via Free Beacon:

The U.S. military is running out of certain types of bombs due to increased and frequent strikes against the Islamic State, forcing munitions to be diverted from the Pacific region to Africa and the Middle East, where the need is most urgent.

U.S. Pacific Command has been shipping its stockpile of GPS-guided Small Diameter Bombs to U.S. Central Command as top military officials are pushing for greater urgency on the armed forces lacking the munitions needed for current operations, according to Defense One.

“These are not exciting kinds of weapons; these are mundane sort of weapons,” the PACOM commander, Adm. Harry Harris, told the House Armed Services Committee on Wednesday. “But they’re absolutely critical to what we’re trying to do, not only … against North Korea, but also in the fights in the Middle East.”

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