University Holding 'Nap-Ins' So Students Can Dream Of Diversity

Amanda Prestigiacomo | The Daily Wire --

American colleges and universities are rife with safe-space clinging, ungrateful Social Justice Warriors (students and educators alike) who habitually lament racist and sexist America. One of their chief complaints is that women choose not to enter fields of science and math, which has been used as evidence of our allegedly massive "diversity problem."

But now, Southern Illinois University has devised a brilliant plan to help heal this great ill: Take naps and literally dream about diversity!

No, seriously.

As reported by an SIU student-run newspaperTheDaily Egyptian, the university is hosting "nap-ins" at the Morris Library, where students can dream of diversity as part of the three-week Dreaming Diversity Art Installation, which kicked off on Monday. The napping venture is part of the school's planned events for Women’s History Month taking place all of March.

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