Trump’s Bloodless Coup Against America’s Enemies From Within...

Trump’s Bloodless Coup Against America’s Enemies From Within...

by DW Ulsterman, DC WHISPERS --

Consider the names:

Flynn, Priebus, Tillerson, Mattis, Sessions, Zinke, Kelly, Coats, Pompeo, Kushner, Bannon, Conway, Pence, and Priebus, among others.

And then  there is of course, President Donald Trump, the architect of this roiling team of male and female alpha personalities who, despite various superficial differences, share one very strong common thread – an unwavering belief that America must once again fight to protect its own so that it can again be powerful enough to do the same for the world.

And to do that, there is much house-cleaning to be done among the long-entrenched globalist factions that have come to dominate the rank and file of the U.S. government over the last few decades. Team Trump is doing a masterful job of exposing those factions, drawing them out, and quickly sending them packing.

Within the last week,  staffing has been gutted throughout various agencies, and either replaced with like-minded “America First” loyalists, or those positions are being left vacant – perhaps permanently. The ODNI is undergoing a considerable shake-down, and is currently relegated to second-tier status. Trump does not trust the entirety of the U.S. Intelligence monstrosity, having been informed multiple times that the nation’s enemies beyond have carefully over many years infiltrated the ODNI and its affiliate intelligence branches with a multitude of enemies from within. (and so far unreported by the Mainstream Media is the administration’s ongoing intelligence blackout against the United Nations. Trump and his inner circle hold little respect and even less trust for the monolithic globalist institution.)

And so arrives the much-publicized temporary immigration ban placed upon seven countries with long histories of promoting terrorist activity. On the surface, this ban appears to be merely another campaign promise being kept by President Trump. Behind the scenes, though, far away from the predictably frantic cries of the media elites, (so many of which are now financially beholden to foreign/anti-American interests outside the United States) this single executive order is helping to shine a light upon those within our government who are now opposing such a fair-minded use of protect-America-first authority.

With a single stroke of his pen, President Trump is using his executive authority to vet personnel within multiple government agencies. Certainly many  in the State Department have already been exposed and are now vacating en masse like cockroaches suddenly bathed in light. What would have been logistically impossible in four or even eight years on a case-by-case basis is being done successfully in a matter of weeks from Mr. Trump’s newly arrived place inside the Oval Office.

This is a bloodless coup being attempted by the first true political outsider to have ever been elected to this nation’s highest office. Donald Trump has surrounded himself with a small army of loyalists devoted to restoring the hope and prosperity of America to its rightful owners – the American people. The President is absorbing wave after wave of anti-America media backlash and pushing forward, each new order another beam of light being shined into the darkest corners of a diseased government infested by a malignant contagion determined to eventually kill its host.

This week’s Supreme Court nominee will be one of many similar gestures intended to restore order to chaos, and government to its people. Many more are to follow, and the cries of opposition will grow louder and more unstable as the war within the war, rages.

In doing so, Mr. Trump risks everything.

The difference between success and failure is precarious at best.

And while failure is not an option, it might very well be this endeavor’s most probable outcome.

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