Trump Considering Enforcing Law That's Been On The Books For A 100 Years...Deporting Immigrants On Welfare

Jon Sharman | Independent -- 

Donald Trump's administration is considering a plan to deport immigrants who rely on welfare programmes like food stamps, according to a leaked draft of a new executive order.

It would follow the new President's decision to place a temporary US travel ban on citizens of seven predominantly Muslim countries and the suspension of America's refugee programme.

Reportedly circulated among senior US government officials, it is unclear whether the new US President has decided to sign the draft order, which was obtained by the Washington Post.

Dated 23 January, it sets out how the the country would use potential reliance on welfare programmes as a factor in the decision on whether to admit people into the country. 

The White House has yet to confirm the draft order's authenticity, but a memo for Mr Trump attached to it, read: "Our country's immigration laws are designed to protect American taxpayers and promote immigrant self-sufficiency.

"Yet, households headed by aliens (legal and illegal) are much more likely than households headed by native-born citizens to use federal means-tested public benefits. Our immigration laws must be enforced in a manner that achieves the goal of protecting our taxpayers and promoting self-sufficiency." 

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