Trump Bans National Park Service Feom Using Twitter For 'Re-Tweeting' The Fake Inauguration Photo

Jeremy Lott | Washington Examiner -- 

 The National Park Service got itself in hot water with America's most tweeting president Friday for using the avian social network to contrast "Hope and Change" with "Make America Great Again."

Using the social network, the government agency retweeted, or forwarded, and then deleted tweets with side-by-side photos comparing the teeming crowds of January 2009 with the large but not as packed crowds that came out to see Trump sworn in as president.

Many critics of the new president used the agency's spreading these photos to crack wise. The new Trump administration did not take it well.

National Park employees received an email late on inauguration day telling them that that all bureaus had been ordered to "immediately cease use of government Twitter accounts until further notice."

Even those parks that "use Twitter as part of their crisis communications plans" would have to "alter their contingency plans to accommodate this requirement."

Parks employees were asked to ensure that "all scheduled posts are deleted" and to make sure that "automated cross-platform social media connections to your Twitter accounts are severed."

"The expectation," the message informed them, "is that there will be absolutely no posts on Twitter."

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