Tolerant Liberals Call For Joy Villa To Be KILLED After She Wears Make America Great Again Dress To Grammys

Ryan Saavedra | The Gateway Pundit -- 

It was only a matter of time before the hate of some would pour out onto social media. Already people are calling for Joy Villa to be killed for wearing a Make America Great Again Dress.

Some even changed her name on Wikipedia to Joy Angela Villa Trash.

@CLandreau82 ATTACK!! KILL HER!! THROW HER IN A CAMP…FOR ADULTS!! 😲😱😨😵😠😬😡 @thejessgoodwin@BuzzFeedNews@Joy_Villa

— Jake R. (@jaker1419) February 12, 2017

Who did this??! 😩😩😩

— Angelnme (@MyBrownSugah) February 12, 2017

Who is this D-lister?

— LiberalPhenom (@LiberalPhenom) February 12, 2017

@Joy_Villa you can’t spell and you support a racist.. you’re the poorly educated Trump loves! yay you!

— Voodoo Child (@Pixxistick) February 12, 2017 

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