Titanic filmmaker James Cameron: Atlantis found – and linked to Jewish Temple

Bob Unruh | WND -- 

 “Atlantis Rising,” a new documentary from “Titanic” director James Cameron, reveals the “mythical” city to actually be the biblical Tarshish, according to one report.

The evidence is all lined up in a report in Breaking News Israel, which exclaims, “The lost city of Atlantis has been found, and it’s straight out of the Bible – at least according to a stunning new National Geographic documentary.”

The newly released project was assembled not only by Cameron, whose “Titanic” work won raves, but also Emmy-winning journalist Simcha Jacobivici.

BIN reported the two followed “ancient clues through Greece, the Mediterranean, and the Atlantic on a search for Atlantis.”

“Along the way, they discover mind-blowing biblical connections to Atlantis, including a 3,000 year old carving that ties the mythical city to the Jewish Temple,” the report said.

“So often, when you tell people you are looking for Atlantis, they think it is a crazy project because they think it is a thing that was made up by Disney or Hollywood, a city full of mermaids,” Jacobovici told BIN.

He explained the references to the city are ancient.

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