Has the FBI case against Hillary, and their prosecution file leaked online?

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https://archive.is/bkqJ8 GIANT INFOGRAPHIC
https://archive.is/WhwW7 Obama, Clinton’s State Department, The Middle East, and US Defense Contractors
https://archive.is/NRnVu Monsanto, Carlyle and the US Government
https://archive.is/9oVd9 Obama Founded Isis! Libya is their stronghold & source of wealth
https://archive.is/x3wjk Hillary and Obama gave military hardware to ISIS in Libya, Syria, and elsewhere
https://archive.is/IIVN6 Libya - violating UN arms embargo
https://archive.is/PKBhH Obama founded ISIS. One weird trick to bypass UN Arms Sanctions
https://archive.is/hKdjH SOS Hillary Clinton, Libya, Qatar
https://archive.is/sk4Hm She’s got tremendous hate in her heart- Clinton Foundation
https://archive.is/H7tFo The Clintons, Defense contractors and the Middle East
https://archive.is/3z91Y State Fiscal Stabilization Fund
https://archive.is/dSilh Sarin in Syria
https://archive.is/BI1NB Remember that time Clinton ignored embassy security requests from the Ambassador to Kenya? When Clinton lied, plenty of people died.
https://archive.is/vs3Jr Clintons, the Middle East and US defense contractors
https://archive.is/JC61a United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court
https://archive.is/idbEM Obama isn’t the only national leader giving hundreds of dollars to the Palestinians
https://archive.is/8Peyx Libya Syria Turkey- Obama, Qatar & the domino that didn’t fall
https://archive.is/zjdeL Putin-connected Joule Biotechnologies and John Podesta
https://archive.is/M13Ev Tony Podesta, Qatar art, Guy Bennet
https://archive.is/GL5Al Qatar art
https://archive.is/p7puG Qatar art conection- Jeff Koons, Brock/CTR, Podesta Group
https://archive.is/Rc3e8 FBI anon and FBI Records Vault
https://archive.is/SiTEa Clinton pharmaceutical price fixing. Clinton’s actions in Sub-Saharan Africa were the catalyst that reversed century-old downward trends in disease mortality rates
https://archive.is/1Pkx2 Libya, Syria & Sarin: short and sweet