The United States Is Sitting on the Edge of Civil War (Video)


It’s hard to say exactly when Americans began to worship at the alter of their favorite politicians, because the phenomena isn’t a new one, however it’s safe to say the phenomena was magnified quite a bit during Barack Obama's presidency. For the last eight years, regardless of what actions President Obama took, many of his most loyal supporters remained willfully ignorant to any and all facts, and refused to look at his conduct objectively.

Unfortunately, that same disturbing trend appears to be continuing with a large number of President Trump’s most avid supporters. There seems to be a belief among many Trump supporters that President Trump won’t let anything bad happen to the people who voted for him, or that the country will magically become great again, provided we all just do as President Trump says. Sound familiar anyone? One of the many problems with that line of thinking, is that “Trumphoria” and reality don’t intersect… not anywhere!

With no help from President Obama on his way out, President Trump inherited an overly polarized and bankrupt country that is sitting on the edge of total economic collapse. That is reality. As if any new administration doesn’t have enough on its plate upon assuming office, the far-left and the mainstream media have been determined to undermine President Trump at every corner, and right now the country is teetering on the edge of social collapse in addition to all the other problems we're facing.

The video and article below examine the reality that far too many Americans have not paid enough attention to, one that the mainstream media is only encouraging with their dishonest reporting. As we saw on Inauguration Day when several far-left “protests” turned destructive and violent, or more recently when the student body UC Berkeley began rioting in order to silence free speech, civil unrest is growing in this country. If history can be any guide for what to expect in the future, sooner or later that growing civil unrest sweeping the country will eventually result in major American cities starting to burn. It's time people prepare for very rough times ahead...

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