The new intolerance in America: Opposing a political theocracy

by Dr. Michael Savage --

We know about the intolerant left, but now something is emerging in the wake of a Trump victory. There’s intolerance on the right. You can’t say anything against decisions Trump is making without facing some type of vitriol from the True Believers.

There was a book written about this type of psychological behavior with that exact title, “The True Believer: Thoughts on the Nature of Mass Movements,” by Eric Hoffer. It describes the fanaticism of people who are consumed by one idea without taking a step back to see what’s really going on, and how those dynamics feed a mass movement. That’s what we’re seeing with Trump. I was the only one in the conservative, libertarian sphere who objected to this dangerous act of Trump publicly taking this call from Taiwan.

Look who was behind it. Bob Dole now says he was instrumental in making this call happen. Edwin Feulner, former president of the Heritage Foundation was said to have been a crucial figure in setting up the communication channels between Trump and Taipei. These are people who served Reagan, and who supported George Bush’s Middle East policy. Where did that get us? And they’re aided by true believers who don’t have any world experience and are suggesting that any criticism of trump is dangerous place to go.

I can’t go along with such groupthink which says everything that Trump is doing is the right thing. I have to come out and analyze these situations in an independent manner. I believe this is a danger to our relationship with China. It’s not the same as reaching out to a dictator in Cuba. Castro had no power to do damage to us the way that China can. It’s not the same as reaching out to Russia to say we can talk about peace in a region. It’s deliberately poking a bear that we need to have a working relationship with. They own trillions of our debt. They’re manipulating currency so we can’t compete with them. But we must negotiate with them like we have been and will do with Russia since Trump was elected.

The smart thing to do is to let them save face. We heard it yesterday from people who worked there, people who know the Chinese mindset, people that know how to get things done with China at the bargaining table. And Trump is doing this before he is even in office. To take such an abrupt action. A transition is hard enough with people trying to find their footing, but to complicate things on a global level like this is irresponsible.

China is on a war footing. They use all their money to build up their military. They have been at cyberwar with us for many years. They have hacked many of our military secrets. To purposely try to show them up is the exact wrong way to deal with them. But the whole Republican establishment is pointing him in this direction. And anyone who speaks up is ridiculed, excommunicated. The force of social media is used against them. They just want me to shut up. Well I’m not going to. It’s they who have to reanalyze and step back before criticizing independent critics. The RNC Beltway bandits, the war machine, the military industrial complex must not be allowed to dictate foreign policy.

The True Believers must not get swept up in a mass movement where they can see no wrong being done. The last thing we want to do is become as equally intolerant as those on the left that we have come to despise for their intolerance.

This Worship of any politician is akin to a fundamentalist religious mindset. To the true believer, either you believe or you don’t believe. Either you believe in God or you don’t believe in God. Either you believer in a politician or you don’t believe in a politician. Here is where the danger resides. Just as there are no absolutes in science, there is no absolutely pure, correct political system. We’ve seen what happens when a dictator insists on imposing his political views on the masses. North Korea, Cuba. To a lesser degree we have seen this under Obama where there is no opposition. We must remain vigilant with the man we elected to insure that our hope for him, and America does not become blind worship.