The Most Impressive Message of Trump's First Press Conference in 2017 - Winning the Presidency Hasn't Changed Him One Bit

By Liz Peek, --

The most impressive aspect of Trump’s first news conference was this: he hasn’t changed a bit. Anyone hoping to see a Donald Trump cowed by the enormity of the tasks set before him, defensive aboutunconfirmed salacious “oppo research” just released, placating of the media regulars who will cover his time in office – were disappointed.

For the millions – now half the country – that support him, his first press conference since becoming president-elect was a wonder to behold. Strong, assertive, focused on making America great again.

Make no mistake, there’s a new sheriff in town, one who refuses to be intimidated by the news media.

The president-elect came out swinging against those who had published and thereby given credence to the unverified and compromising material collected by Russian operatives, reports that Trump called “phony.”

He praised the New York Times for making it clear the information is “unconfirmed” and admitting it was intended to “derail Trump’s candidacy.” 

On the other hand, in retaliation for its role in disseminating the reports and treating them like a smoking gun, he refused to take questions from CNN, which he named “fake news;” many in the room applauded, and rightly so.

After weeks of telling the country how damaging fake news is to our democracy, it appears hypocritical in the extreme for the media to gleefully disseminate more of the same, as long as it might discredit the GOP president-elect.

While the press conference was timed to focus on the considerable measures the president-elect is taking to isolate himself from his business empire, most of the questions asked by reporters concerned the hacking by Russia of the DNC and John Podesta’s emails.

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