The indisputable bravery of Michael Savage

The indisputable bravery of Michael Savage

by Jefferey A. Friedberg, CANADA FREE PRESS --

Michael Savage is one of America’s greatest Talk Masters. He is rated as number one in streaming, and I would certainly say, number two for live talk.

Savage is like an ancient desert prophet, putting his life, fortune, and sacred honor on the line, every day. He is a paragon of apparent honesty, dedication, and commitment to Humanity. ALL that’s human. Savage is a courageous warrior on the right side of his own humanity.

I didn’t always like Michael Savage, even though we are close in age, both get soup on our shirts and shoes, and are probably related from some shtetl in Russia a hundred years ago. I erroneously thought he was puffy, directionless, and envious.

I learned differently. As Savage began his stunning return to the air, and to realize his dreams were coming true, and gained confidence, and gained intense calm, and reaped his rewards with grace and thanks, I slowly realized his bravery, dedication, and sense of mortal Calling. And I came to love Michael Savage as a brother and friend.

I reviewed his book on Amazon, just as an average reader, that’s all—but he read my review out on the air; and then he thanked me with sincere, gracious humility. This made me get teary.

Savage has a furious courage in his heart: courage is when you do something that scares you to death but you do it anyway. He doesn’t need the work; he doesn’t need the money; he doesn’t need the aggravation and danger. His net worth is said to be around $15M, and, yet, he’s out there five days a week, putting it all on the line. For what?

For YOU.

The dedicated, 100% committed Michael Savage has a Need to speak out and be true to himself; and to his own humanity. He cannot ignore or resist his own bravery.

The indisputable bravery of Michael Savage, at a golden height of achievement, at his wise age, and with his passionate sincerity to help all of Humanity, I think,  is unparalleled in media history. And I have witnessed all of them since Walter Winchell, Edward R. Murrow, and John Cameron Swayze.

Michael Savage should be be an icon for all Americans to emulate. He should be taught in schools everywhere. He ranks with Patrick Henry, John Adams, Thomas Paine, and others. Do they even teach these names anymore in the government-controlled schools?

THIS! Is why I am sickened by the blood-sucking, cowardly, and viscous repression of one of freedom’s great voices—Michael Savage—by the sociopathic, Islamist, Marxist powers of England, UK, who banned him from their tiny, now insignificant, little island.

England wouldn’t even exist today without the America that has protected it since WWII—the America which Savage personifies.

Without men like Savage and his iconic “Eddie” the soldier, to fight their wars, England would be speaking German today and its people goose-stepping around Piccadilly Square. Okay, instead, they are now speaking Arabic and praying in the streets—okay, I get that.

This hits me hard, because my uncle Eddie—Savage’s real life “Eddie”—really did fight his way across Europe with Patton, in the signal corps—first in and last out. At that time, in the 1940s, better men—real men—ruled England. The sleeping King Arthur was called forth from his long rest in Avalon to once more help save the world.

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