High School Principal's Disturbing Anti-Trump, Racist Facebook Post... Will She Be Held Accountable?


An anti-Trump post on the Spring High School principal’s Facebook page is “under review.”

Concerned parents and others say she should keep political views to herself.

“We all make mistakes, and she definitely made a mistake,” said grandparent Karen Lundberg. “And this post went viral, very, very quickly.”

The post was originally put on Diaka Carter’s Facebook page Sunday night.

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“I have to realize that expecting others to represent my disgust and views is exactly how the hell we elected this moron,” it stated.

It also mentions “a sea of white faces at his inauguration void of color, a cabinet full of non-qualified white males.”

“If I had put out this post and the word “white” had been changed to “black,” there would be no doubt in anyone’s mind that it was a racist remark,” said Lundberg.

We’re told the post was eventually removed from a school message board and the principal’s page was made private.

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