Targeted Attack On At Least Seven Indianapolis Area Police Officer’s Homes In One Night

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Officers from up to seven agencies who live in an Indianapolis suburb had their homes and cars vandalized Wednesday night.  The targeted attack happened in The Walker Farms and Harvest Park subdivisions just north of Indianapolis.  Families in the area have been left shaken by the attack and searching for answers.

Walker Farms is a large subdivision that is home to many area first responders including firemen and police officers.  According to Fox 59 law enforcement families woke up to graffiti on their homes, and their squad cars vandalized this morning.  Agenices including the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, Zionsville Police Department, Indiana State Police, Lebanon Police Department, Whitestown Police Department, Speedway Police Department and Westfield Police Department all call the subdivisions home.  At least four departments were affected by the vandalism.

Squad cars that were parked in front of homes had their windows broken and their tires were slashed.  Alarmingly, those whose cars weren’t home still had vandalism done to their property, including graffiti on their garage doors.  The graffiti included “F**k WPD (Whitestown Police Department).”  At this time only police officer’s homes are believed to be the target.

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