Step-father raped girl, 12, to get her pregnant because her mother couldn’t have kids

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Do you remember when the real sicko-s were in movies? Straight off the silver screen the real world is getting a little sicker. This poor 12-year-old girl had been repeatedly raped by her step-father and the reason is more disgusting than you think…

The mother of the hardly teen had been sterilized so the stepfather was trying to get the little girl pregnant. The couple, who have been jailed, used the girl as a ‘surrogate mother’ and forced her to have sex with the man until she became pregnant. Sadly, they were successful and the little girl later gave birth to a child which has now been taken into care.

Warwick Crown Court jailed the step-father for 18 years after admitting two charges of rape, while the girl’s mother was sentenced to merely six years after pleading guilty to conspiracy to rape and child cruelty. The couple are both in their 30s, cannot be named to protect the girl’s identity.

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