Soros plans endless, orchestrated anti-deportation protests

Leo Hohmann | WND -- 

Donald Trump, with his attorney general now in place, began following through on another campaign promise – deport criminal illegal aliens.

And the left’s first attempt to block a deportation has failed.

A 36-year-old mother of two, Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos, was arrested Wednesday during her annual immigration check-in near Phoenix, Arizona.

Protesters blocked an Immigration and Customs Enforcement van from leaving Phoenix with de Rayos inside. One man was shown on local TV attaching himself to the van’s tire. Others sat in front and in back of the van, took pictures of Rayos inside and chanted through megaphones “justice!” and “power to the people!”

Seven protesters were arrested for disrupting law enforcement.

But as of Thursday afternoon it was reported that de Rayos had been deported and is now in Nogales, Mexico.

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