SHTF: Democrats denied tickets for Trump inauguration festivities

Via Politico:

House Democrats say they are having trouble getting tickets to inaugural festivities for President-elect Donald Trump, leading some to openly speculate it might be a sign of rancorous partisanship to come.

An email list used by House Democratic schedulers has been a flurry of activity over the past couple of weeks, with staffers complaining they’re having a hard time getting tickets for their bosses to the inaugural parade and ball.

“It is not normal,” said Kim Fuller, a scheduler for Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-N.Y.), in an interview after being contacted by POLITICO about the series of staffer emails. Fuller said she wasn’t necessarily trying to get tickets for her boss but reached out to the committee in charge of inaugural festivities to see whether she would get the same response as other Democrats.

Fuller sent an email to the listserv Thursday night saying her liaison at the Presidential Inaugural Committee confirmed rumors that Republicans were automatically given tickets to the parade and ball while Democratic offices were expected to request those tickets and even then, there was no guarantee they’d get to attend.[…]

Two senior House Democratic aides said the issue hasn’t filtered up to the top leadership ranks and noted that it might just be a disorganized committee, not partisan motives at work.

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