Secret chamber in King Tut's tomb to be OPENED revealing secret hidden for 3300 years...


Egypt’s Valley of the Kings will welcome a team of archeologists who plan to restart the search for the lost chamber of King Tutankhamun.

State-of-the-art radar systems will be used scan the depths of the ancient Egyptian king’s 3,300-year-old resting place to find and open the legendary secret room.

King Tut’s tomb was first opened in 1923 by a team led by British adventurer Howard Carter – who were later struck by the “curse” of Tutankhamen.

The curse is said to have struck the first people to have the tomb with bizarre visions and untimely mysterious deaths.

The Polytechnic University Turin, Italy, will be leading the new expedition and will become the third team in the past two years to search for the lost chamber.

King Tut’s tomb’s secret room is believed to have the remains of his mother Queen Nefertiti and troves of undiscovered treasure.

Mamdouh Eldamaty, Egypt's former antiquities minister, said there is a “90%” chance the tomb has hidden chambers – and finding them would be the “discovery of the century”.

Meanwhile, historians is Israel last week announced they are launching a new hunt for the Biblical relic the Ark of the Covenant.

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