A nuclear reactor has gone into an emergency situation in Halden, Norway.  Radiation Alarms have sounded and plant workers have evacuated.  There are confirmed radiation leaks and confirmed "Neutron-Flux" inside the Reactor.  A melt down may be happening.

Weeks ago, SuperStation95 reported that Radioactive Iodine-131 has been freshly detected in Europe.  Iodine-131 can only be detected when freshly released from either a nuclear power plant or a nuclear explosion since it has a short "half-life" of only eight days.  

At the time, the United States sent a "Constant Phoenix" aircraft to sniff for evidence of a clandestine Nuclear Detonation, but none was found.

Today, radiation alarms went off at the Halden, Norway nuclear reactor; a research facility.  Workers were evacuated when detectors showed a radiation release.  Upon further inspection, a Neutron-Flux was detected inside the Reactor core, which is something that is not supposed to take place.  

At this point, authorities euphemistically state the Reactor "is in a special condition."  They have already admitted "damaged fuel" is inside the Reactor.  "Damaged" fuel means "melted" fuel.  

There is now intense fear that Hydrogen Gas is being created inside the Reactor, which is what caused the three reactors at Fukushima to explode.

The Halden Reactor is a 25MW nuclear reactor located in Halden, Norway and dedicated for research. The reactor became operative in 1958, and is operated by the Institute for Energy Technology. In October 2016 media said that it is expected to close, without saying when.

The reactor is a Boiling water reactor (BWR) moderated by heavy water. The reactor is used for safety-focused research into materials, fuel burn-up, and fuel behavior in prolonged operating conditions in co-operation with organizations from 19 countries.

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