Prison time predicted in Dems' national-security scandal that's on the brink of exploding into public view...

by Garth Kant, WND --

Democrats may have a major national security hacking scandal on their hands that’s on the brink of exploding into public view.

Investigators, including Capitol Police, have been looking into whether classified or other sensitive information has been hacked by former information technology, or IT, staffers employed by Democrats in Congress.

Now, a source has confirmed to WND that the problem is so big, it is being handled as a criminal matter. And the source says suspects will likely receive prison sentences.

A House committee that deals with security-related issues is cooperating with Capitol Police in their investigation, according to the source.

Politico initially reported two weeks ago that five House employees were under investigation for possible equipment theft and unauthorized access of House IT systems.

Then the Daily Caller reported the focus has been on three brothers, Abid, Imran and Jamal Awan, “suspected of compromising the networks of Democrats on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and House Committee on Foreign Affairs.”

The Awan brothers were all barred from access to House computer systems then fired, apparently sometime in the last 10 days, after the story initially broke.

Last week, Frontpage Magazine reported the brothers are Muslims from Pakistan, but that has not been reported elsewhere and WND could not independently confirm it.

The brothers were not employed by the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence or the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, but their services were shared by the offices of numerous Democratic Party lawmakers.

A spokesman for House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence or House Committee, or HPSCI, chairman Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., told WND they are confident the IT staffers had no access to committee computer systems and that they could not have accessed sensitive data stored there.

Spokesman Jack Langer also said the committee leadership has no reason to believe any classified HPSCI information was compromised.

WND asked representatives for the Foreign Affairs Committee if they had the same confidence their computer system had not been compromise but did not receive a response by the time this story was published.

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