President Trump: Obama Is Organizing The Protests And Leaks Against Me

Excerpted From The Washington Free Beacon: President Donald Trump placed responsibility for recent intelligence leaks directly in former President Barack Obama’s hands during an interview on Tuesday.

“I think that President Obama is behind it because his people are certainly behind it,” Trump said of recent intelligence leaks on Fox News channel’s “Fox and Friends.” He suggested Obama was motivated by politics and that the leaks, which he said were “very bad in terms of national security,” would “probably continue,” according to CNN.

Trump also told “Fox and Friends” that Obama was behind recent town hall protests.

“I think he is behind it. I also think it is politics, that’s the way it is,” Trump said.

Trump’s comments came after several leaks which administration officials blamed on former Obama employees. The Washington Free Beacon reported plots by former Obama officials to attack both former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn and White House advisor Sebastian Gorka. Keep reading


KILMEADE: All right, can we talk about President Obama?

You said you personally get along with him. You guys were going at each other for three, four, maybe eight years. It turns out his organization seems to be doing a lot of the organizing for some of the protests that a lot of these Republicans are seeing around the country and against you.

TRUMP: Right.

KILMEADE: Do you believe President Obama is behind it?

And if he is, is that a violation of the — the so-called unsaid president’s code?

TRUMP: No, I think he is behind it. I also think it’s politics. That’s the way it is. And look, I have a very thick skin.

KILMEADE: But Bush was never — Bush wasn’t going after Clinton. And Clinton wasn’t going after Bush.

TRUMP: Well, you never know what’s exactly happening behind the scenes. You know, you’re probably right or possibly right. But you never know.

No, I think that President Obama is behind it, because his people are certainly behind it. And some of the leaks possibly come from that group, you know, some of the leaks, which are really very serious leaks, because they’re very bad in terms of national security.

But I also understand that’s politics. And in terms of him being behind things, that’s politics. And it will probably continue.

KILMEADE: Does he just — does that disappoint you?

This — don’t you think that that goes beyond what we usually do in this country?

TRUMP: I don’t want to use the word disappoint. I’m not really surprised because I understand the way the world works. It’s politics. I mean I’m changing things that he’s wanted to do. I mean we’re much tougher in terms of getting the bad guys out.
You know, people don’t realize, he deported a lot of people, but we’re focused on the bad people. But we’re focused on the bad people.


TRUMP: We’re focused on the drug lords and the gang members. We’re focused on a very, very bad group that are in this country that we’re getting out rapidly. He was much less focused on that.