Obamas, Out. Trumps, In: Flipping The White House Is A 5-Hour Sprint

Emily Brown , USATODAY --

When Donald Trump walks into the White House for the first time as president Jan. 20, his suits will be hanging in his closet, his personal photos will be displayed on perfectly placed tables, and his toothbrush will be near his favorite brand of toothpaste in his bathroom.

"The entire house has to be just the way the incoming family wants it," former White House chief usher Stephen Rochon said.

But nothing can be touched until the Obamas pull out of the White House driveway for the inauguration ceremony that same day.

"It's more like less than five hours," Rochon said. The retired rear admiral oversaw the Executive Mansion from 2007-2011, including the transition between President George W. Bush and President Obama in January 2009.

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