Obama Ignores Facts with Boastful 'Greatest Hits' List

By Jon Gabriel, The New York Post --

Flip on your TV and the news is grim. Wall Street soars while small towns shutter Main Street stores. Our government’s computer systems are regularly hacked, the IRS is targeting citizens instead of just (over)taxing them, and the VA is killing the veterans they’re supposed to heal. Racial tensions are through the roof, with another city going up in flames every few months. Our leaders blame the heavy hand of police instead of mobs hurling Molotovs.

Syria, Iraq and Libya are in ruins as ISIS inspires terror around the globe. The Russian bear is on the prowl, and China continues to expand its military influence in Asia and beyond. As our enemies slap each other on the back, our allies weep at our incompetence.

The American people had gotten so angry at the record of our so-called elites that they elected outsider Donald Trump to “drain the swamp” and “burn it down.”

But close your lying eyes and take a step back. Obama’s eight years in office have actually been fantastic. Don’t believe it? Just ask the president himself.

On Thursday, the White House released a self-congratulatory list of all Obama’s amazing accomplishments in his two terms in office. Apparently, in 2008, America was a smoldering hellscape ravaged by bloodthirsty neocons, greedy banksters, and intolerance lurking behind every Bush. But then the clouds parted, a rainbow framed the warming sun, and the smartest, kindest, boldest leader ever strode into our imperial capital on a white gender-indeterminate unicorn.

In less than a decade, he fixed the economy, delivered health care, united Americans, granted peace to the world, and healed the planet itself. My name is Obamandias, President of Presidents; Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!

You gotta hand it to the guy: He’s not encumbered with excess humility.

Obama credited himself with “the longest streak of job creation on record” but forgot to mention all those would-be workers who were downgraded to part-time or left the workforce altogether.

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