Mom had sex romp with teen boy after he ‘pestered’ her


A forty-something British mom was sent to the slammer for three years this week for agreeing to a months-long sex romp with a teen boy, because she was simply “fed up” with saying no to his advances.

Christine Mitchell, 42, replied to the then 14-year-old’s sex invitation, “Would you like to have sex?” texting him back: “Okay then,” a court heard Tuesday, The Mirror reported.

The unidentified boy sent the message to her, “just to see what she would say,” the Grismby Crown Court heard.

Mitchell later told police that she agreed because she felt “under pressure” and “was fed up of saying ‘no,’” after being “pestered” by the boy, prosecutors said.

After having sex for the first time, Mitchell, a Manchester resident, flirtatiously gave the teen “the eye” on other occasions, sparking a sexual relationship that lasted for 18 months, the court was told.

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