Media embrace new role as narrative cops

Media embrace new role as narrative cops


The battle for free speech is heating up on college campuses around the country.

There are now pitched battles in the street between left and right.

But the greatest enemy to free speech and independence of thought isn’t antifa or government officials – it’s journalists, the very people who are supposed to be free speech’s greatest defenders, says an expert.

Scott Greer, author of the smash hit “No Campus For White Men,” called out the liberal journalists in the dishonest press during a recent interview with new media star Brittany Pettibone of the “Virtue of the West” podcast. He identified journalists as one of the key forces animating the anti-white, anti-male and anti-American hysteria on college campuses.

“They definitely have a large role in this,” said Greer. “If you look at the big events we’ve seen over the last five years, the media has usually played a big role in lionizing the protesters and lionizing the campus educators who are pushing an agenda. We saw this at the University of Virginia, with the infamous gang rape hoax. The media believed it wholeheartedly, without any hint of skepticism, and if anyone expressed skepticism about this case, that person was a rape denier who supports evil white fraternity boys that rape whoever they want.

“I remember the first people who expressed skepticism about that case got lit up by the liberal press, and of course they turned out to be correct when they said there was something fishy about the case and there were things that were not adding up. But they still got torn into. And the media made everyone believe in that case before it was disproven, which furthered the narrative there is this ‘rape culture’ that is prevalent on college campuses.”

Pettibone argued the media no longer see their role as being good journalists but instead serves as narrative police, whose job it is to destroy people who make certain arguments or promote certain ideas. Greer agreed enthusiastically.

“They see themselves as the gatekeepers,” Greer said. “They want to determine what is allowed to be spoken in public, what views are allowed, what ideas you can express and what is ‘beyond the pale.’ In the 2016 election, the media abolished any pretense of being objective while covering Trump. They wanted to let America know that whatever Trump was doing was ‘beyond the pale,’ ‘unforgivable,’ ‘irredeemable,’ ‘deplorable.’ They did that over and over again.

“They have these lines they want to push. And when people cross those lines, they write hit pieces on them, investigate their whole lives, they want to bring them down. They don’t try to present news without bias, they just want to tell America what it is ‘ok’ to believe and what supposedly violates our ‘core values.'”

Though journalists claim to be investigating the truth or standing up to abuses of power, Greer contends they are simply defending the interests of their social class.

“It’s all about policing,” he observed. “It’s not about broadcasting what’s happening in the world, but about broadcasting the view of the journalists. And journalists are a class unto themselves. They are all part of this urban elite who live in cities like New York and San Francisco, the lawyers and the financiers, and they have shared interests. And the journalist class simply expresses these interests in the stories they cover and in how they cover them. They are simply defending the interests of this urban elite class. And they get very upset when you point this out.”

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