Mark Cuban has finally pushed NBA referees too far


Billionaire Mavericks owner Mark Cuban’s mouth has gotten so big that NBA refs think he’s an threat to the game itself.

That is the conclusion reached in a recent series of memos given to the NBA’s 64 referees by the National Basketball Referees Association, according to Yahoo! Sports. Included in the memos was a series of conversations between Byron Spruell, the NBA’s president of league operations, and, Lee Seham, the NBRA general counsel, where the two men essentially debated just how dangerous Cuban really is.

“We consider the threat to the integrity of NBA basketball presented by Mr. Cuban’s misconduct to be real and growing,” Seham said in one of the memos which was sent to Spruell.

Spruell, however, was having none of Seham’s guff and basically told the NBRA lawyer that Cuban was no different from any other owner.

Seham went on to describe how Cuban threatened officials’ careers, openly swore at them from his seat near the Mavericks’ bench, and laughed in the face of the NBA’s attempts to control his behavior through monetary fines.

“No other owner has communicated to our members with such force that he exercises control over their careers. He has communicated that he played a pivotal role in the termination of Kevin Fehr, a referee who met league performance standards,” Seham wrote. “He has communicated to an NBRA board member, during contract negotiations, that the referees would continue to be at-will employees. He has told a referee, during a game, that he follows that referee’s game reports.”

Cuban also threatens referees in real time as he sits courtside.

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