Manchester Explosion: What We Know So Far And Eyewitness Accounts

Manchester Explosion: What We Know So Far And Eyewitness Accounts

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Quick rundown:

  • Not much is known right now, main sources are concert goers and people who live nearby.

  • Concert goers report an explosion has taken place in Manchester Arena right after Ariana Grande's set was over.

  • Concert goer reports they saw someone with blood on their shirt.

  • Ambulance and Police staff at scene.

  • Multiple concert goers has reported security not checking bags at entrance.

  • Manchester Police has confirmed "a number of confirmed fatalities and others injured."

  • More and more information about the incident is slowly coming out, there's still a lot of chaos and confusion.

  • Armed Police have been deployed to surrounding areas.

  • Emergency services continuing to work at the scene of incident.

Images, videos, tweets and articles:


  1. The scene outside of Manchester Arena right now

  2. CCTV image of people fleeing

  3. Video of people panicking and running out of the arena


  5. Concert goer: "the stations are blocked off and police cars are everywhere and everyone ran out so fast holy shit"

  6. Terrifying tweets coming from an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester

  7. Large amount of ambulances heading to #Manchester Arena following reports of two explosions

  8. Huge amount of ambulances and police heading to Manchester Arena

  9. Concert goer: "More this is all security's fault. they didn't check anyone's bags."

  10. British Police responded to reports of an incident at Manchester Arena. "Please stay away from the area," Greater Manchester Police said on Twitter.

  11. Concert goer: "my bag didn't get checked tonight..."

  12. View from a balcony nearby (thanks to /u/Uxorius)

  13. Concert goer: "Everyone screamed and ran out I've never been so scared in my life 😭😭 (in a random taxi trying to get away from the town centre but stuck)"

  14. Report from concert goer @ChanelBrina on what happened inside #ManchesterArena #ArianaGrande concert

  15. British Police classifies the incident as "serious"

  16. Concert goer: "Some people are saying a bomb went off and others are saying it was something technical but either way I just hope the people hurt are okay"

  17. Alleged video of the explosion at the @ArianaGrande concert in Manchester. Praying everyone is okay(thanks to /u/TheJJP)

  18. Manchester Police releases statement: Confirms fatalities and injuries.

  19. NSFW: Image of injured man

  20. NSFW: Concert goer with blood on her t-shirt

  21. NSFW: Injured, bloody girl being helped by the police

  22. Manchester police: "Details of a casualty bureau for incident at Manchester Arena will be shared as soon as available. Please stay away from the area"

  23. Me and a friend trying to exit Manchester Arena while the staff were telling everyone to keep calm and not run (thanks to /u/TheKittenConspiracy)

  24. Video: Panic following explosions at Manchester Arena (Chris Pawley)

  25. NSFW: Video of concert goer with an injured leg being helped (thanks to /u/mikejones144)

  26. Another video of people freaking out and running out

  27. Witness at UK venue says heard 'massive explosion' at end of Ariana Grande concert as people leaving

  28. The chaos outside #manchesterarena when we were all trying to get out

  29. Video: Armed police are on the scene following reports of an explosion at Manchester Arena

  30. IMPORTANT: If you or anyone you know has lost their child at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester tonight, check the Holiday Inn

  31. NSFL: Concert goer writes about the incident on Facebook: "As we where leaving a bomb or explosion went off centimetres infront of me. Peoples skin/blood&Feces where everywhere including in my hair & on my bag,I'm still finding bits of god knows what in my hair" (Note: You have to be logged in to view the post.)

  32. BBC Broadcast Journalist: Bomb disposal unit has arrived at Manchester Arena

  33. UNCONFIRMED: NBC News: Law enforcement officials say at least 20 dead and hundreds have been injured following reports of an explosion in Manchester, UK.

  34. Video: huge sense of panic as thousands flee Manchester Arena.

  35. Armed polices just pulled a man out of a car and arrested him (thanks to /u/mantheharpooons)

  36. BREAKING NEWS: manchester taxis and cabs offering free rides home for people around #manchester Arena. One love. (thanks to /u/witfenek)

  37. Some trivial information: Manchester Arena opened in 1995, it's the second biggest arena in the EU and the 4th busiest arena in the world going by ticket sales.

  38. Manchester Arena Blast: "Explosion threw me 30 feet" says eyewitness - BBC News

  39. Taxi's in the centre of Manchester are offering FREE lifts to anyone who can't get home tonight. Please RT & spread the word.

  40. Taxi drivers are heading to Manchester Arena to help get young people home for free.

  41. North West Ambulance Service: If you require our assistance over the next few hours, please bear with us we have a large number of resources at the incident in Manchester

  42. Tom Newton Dunn (The Sun): NHS sources are saying the explosion at Manchester Arena was a nail bomb attack. Still unconfirmed.

  43. Man tells SN about his daughter helping injured blast victims at Manchester Arena and what he knows.

  44. Reuters: BBC cites witness who saw 20 to 30 people on the ground in Manchester Arena.

  45. Unconfirmed reports of another bomb in Manchester Victoria Station and a gunman outside Oldham Hospital, pls get home quick as poss and safe(Note: Denied by Oldham Council, see update 50.)

  46. Locked in woman claims there's a gunman at Oldham Hospital on Facebook., still no confirmed reports. (thanks to /u/NotNamedNick) (Note: Denied by Oldham Council, see update 50.)

  47. Daniel Sandford (BBC): The North West Counter Terrorism Unit is treating the incident at #ManchesterArena as a possible terrorist incident.

  48. Daniel Sandford (BBC): Senior national Counter-Terrorism officers are assembling in London. Early estimates put fatalities at #ManchesterArena in double figures

  49. Oldham Council: We have no information to this effect at all. Please only trust or share official sources of information. (thanks to /u/TheIncompetenceOfMan]

  50. 'As I turned around, BOOM! A man told us to run' - Eyewitness mum was at the Manchester Arena concert with her 11-year-old daughter

  51. NBC: US officials briefed on Manchester explosion say UK authorities investigating arena incident as possible suicide bombing. (thanks to /u/PM_ME_UR_POLDERS)

  52. Manchester Police confirms 19 dead and around 50 injured. :(

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Twitter: NBC News Reports Manchester Explosion Possible Terror Attack

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