Manchester Arena 'explosions': Dozens of people left screaming and covered in blood after people attending the concert fled in panic -- 

Police have confirmed they are dealing with a "number of fatalities" and "injuries" after they responded to reports of two loud bangs described as 'explosions' at Manchester Arena tonight.

Scores of people fled the arena screaming and covered in blood after hearing 'loud bangs' at the end of an Ariana Grande concert tonight.

Armed police and helicopters rushed to the scene, where at least 10 police cars, five ambulances and two riot vans were spotted outside the arena.

One witness said he was blown off his feet and saw smoke near the exit just after the lights came up at around 10.40pm.

David Richardson, who was at the gig with his daughter Emily, 13 said: “The lights came on after the gig and people were starting to leave. As I turned to the left there was an explosion.

"It was about 40ft behind us near one of the exits. We just thought it was people messing about then it happened again. Another explosion sounded.

“Then we saw the smoke. Everyone just fled. Some people were injured. We saw blood on people when we got outside. People were just running all over the place.

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