Man Arrested For Attacking A Trump Supporter Near UC Berkeley Campus

CBS News -- 

KPIX 5 reporter Anne Makovec captured the assault of a man wearing a suit and a “Make America Great Again” cap at the edge of the UC Berkeley campus late Thursday morning as tensions remained high in the wake of Wednesday night’s violent protests.

The fight broke out at around 11:30 a.m. when the man wearing the suit and cap was walking near the intersection of Bancroft and Telegraph was attacked. The assailant stopped his vehicle, a white SUV, in the middle of the intersection and jumped the man.

The attacker ripped the Trump hat off of the victim’s head and began beating him along with at least one other person who came from the SUV.

Several bystanders intervened and attempted to stop the fight. The victim — later identified in reports as 21-year-old UC Berkeley student Jack Palkovic — was able to break free from the scrum and can be seen yelling at the assailants as they get back in their car.

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