Lying Media Finally Admits #FortLauderdale Shooter #EstebanSantiago Was An ISIS Terrorist

After weeks of obfuscation, the lying mainstream media is finally admitting that Fort Lauderdale Airport shooter Esteban Santiago is an Islamic terrorist, something that the WeSearchr & GotNews teams proved and published one whole hour before the media even visually identified Santiago.

Check out these headlines:

‘Airport shooter Esteban Santiago said he visited ‘jihadi chat rooms’ online, prosecutors say’

‘Accused airport shooter Esteban Santiago visited jihadi chat rooms, prosecutors say’

‘FBI: Fort Lauderdale Shooter Esteban Santiago Says He Carried Out Deadly Airport Attack for ISIS’

GotNews published the full story almost immediately afterward, pointing out the ‘jihadi chat rooms’ evidence while the lying media was claiming he was “just a vet suffering from PTSD”.

And as the WeSearchr & GotNews crack research teams kept digging, they discovered even more conclusive proof that Santiago was an Islamic terrorist the very next day