Kids attacked by dogs, buried alive in North Korean prison


(NY Post) -- Ahn Myong-Chol saw many nightmarish atrocities during his years as a prison guard – including one horrific incident in which ferocious dogs attacked and killed innocent school kids, according to a shocking new report.

“There were three dogs and they killed five children,” the 45-year-old Ahn told the French news agency AFP.

“They killed three of the children right away. The two other children were barely breathing and the guards buried them alive,” said Ahn, who worked in one of the communist country’s brutal prison camps for eight years before fleeing in 1994.

A day later, guards rewarded the murderous mutts with a special meal, “as some kind of award,” Ahn said.

“People in the camps are not treated as human beings. They are like flies that can be crushed,” said Ahn, speaking at a conference for human rights activists was under way in Geneva. Read more...

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