Inside North Korea’s secret sex parties

New York Post

Welcome to the secret high-class sex parties for North Korea’s elite, where schoolgirls as young as 13 are allegedly forced into servitude for their leaders’ pleasure.

The girls are picked out at random by soldiers — sometimes from their own school classrooms. Their family and medical histories are closely examined, and routine checkups are performed to ensure their virginity is intact.

Over the following decade, these girls are expected to service the small military circle of North Korea’s elite. They are known as the leader’s Gippeumjo, or Pleasure Squad.

These are the claims of various defectors who managed to escape North Korea over the past decade. Each one describes the mysterious group in similar terms — a bizarre secret world where girls are plucked out of society and trained as high-class adult entertainers.


Inside the ‘Pleasure Squad’

The Pleasure Squad is made up of 2,000 North Korean girls and divided into three specialized groups — one for sexual services, one for giving massages, and one for live singing and dancing, which they can be made to do semi-nude.

Within the walls of North Korea, the practice is incredibly secretive, and knowledge of its existence comes solely from defectors who have fled to China or South Korea.

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