HuffPost Hides Article Pushing “Execution” of Trump and GOP Leadership

DAN LYMAN reports:

The HuffPost has removed an article that called for President Donald Trump to be executed, along with all members of his administration and GOP leadership who are complicit in advancing his agenda centered around national security and economic prosperity.

The now-deleted piece was published on June 11 – just days before domestic terrorist James Hodgkinson attempted to massacre dozens of GOP lawmakers during an early morning baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia.

In the article, headlined “Impeachment Is No Longer Enough; Donald Trump Must Face Justice” HuffPo contributor David Fuller declares that the President must be prosecuted for treason and put to death if found guilty, before going on to demonstrate why he believes Trump and most of the Republican Party are indisputably guilty of treason.

“Impeachment and removal from office are only the first steps; for America to be redeemed, Donald Trump must be prosecuted for treason and — if convicted in a court of law — executed,” writes Fuller. “Donald Trump has been President of the United States for just shy of six months now. I think that most of us among the electorate knew that his presidency would be a relative disaster, but I am not sure how many among us expected the catastrophe our nation now faces.”

In the concluding paragraph, Fuller also makes his case for why the “ultimate punishment” of the President must also be exacted on more Republicans – emphasizing his desires by adding bold font to a line about execution, as demonstrated below.

“Draining the swamp means not only ejecting Trump from the presidency, but also bringing himself and everyone assisting in his agenda up on charges of treason,” he writes. “They must be convicted (there is little room to doubt their guilt).”

“And then — upon receiving guilty verdicts — they must all be executed under the law.”

“Anything less than capital punishment — or at least life imprisonment without parole in a maximum security detention facility — would send yet another message to the world that America has lost its moral compass,” he continues. “In order for America’s morality and leadership to be restored, it must rebuke Donald Trump, his entire administration, and his legislative agenda in the strongest manner possible.”

An archived copy of Jason Fuller’s article can be found HERE.

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