Hero dog who 'stopped mother from drowning her son' saved from being put down by petition

Independent -- 

A pit bull who faced being put down even though he was thought to have saved a nine-year-old boy from drowning, has been spared after a petition went viral.

The dog, named Buddy, is believed to have dragged the child from the Murray River in Australia, where his mother was allegedly attempting to drown him. His five-year-old brother was found dead over the weekend.

During the melee, the pet is thought to have bitten the eldest boy who was treated for dog bites at a children's hospital. As a result, he was seized by rangers.

But after an online petition launched by his owners received more than 50,000 signatures, police have ordered the dog to be returned home.

"I just want to tell everyone that our boy buddy is coming home he has a few things to get into place before he comes home but the main thing is he is coming home," said the dog's owner Jess Smith, in a statement on the online petition.

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