For Leftists So Concerned With What The World Thinks; Here Is What The World Might Think

For Leftists So Concerned With What The World Thinks; Here Is What The World Might Think

By Joe Bilello, Fox News --

Last week, millions of women, anarchists, professional rabble rousers and mindless robots took to the streets across cities in America and around the world to protest the election of Donald Trump for reasons still unknown to anyone.

Many participants claimed that it was important to “show the world” that all Americans do not support the newly-elected president. For years, the American left has been obsessed with pondering what the world thinks. Everyone knows at least one liberal who cannot start a sentence without saying, "Did you know that in Europe....." To which you can either respond by saying, "Yes, I did know that, that's why I don't live in Europe," or "No, I did not know that. The only thing I know about Europe is that my ancestors risked everything to get out of there."

President Trump’s promise to put "America first" has caused the more "cultured and sophisticated" among us to stay up at night wondering, "What will the world think?" For those who care what the world thinks for some reason, here is what the world might think. The following is a hypothetical, some might say satirical, look at what sane people around the world were probably thinking had they witnessed the actions that took place last Saturday in Washington DC and around the world (assuming that these people have access to televisions, computers or newspapers).

• A young woman in Tehran, Iran: "Look at all these women in the street with their forearms exposed and no male supervision. I once knew someone who had a video tape playing machine and saw that Madonna woman rolling around half naked, attempting to sing. I heard she made millions of dollars doing that. I was beaten within an inch of my life for speaking to a man who wasn't my husband and exposing my ankles in public. Do these people have any clue what oppression is?”

• A 90-year-old Holocaust survivor in Kraków, Poland: “Do they not teach history in American public schools? Why do these people constantly make comparisons to Adolf Hitler and the Nazis? Who is this lunatic shouting about taxes on tampons? Is she comparing that to slave labor and genocide? My entire family was executed in Nazi concentration camps. I would've eventually suffered the same fate had my camp not been liberated by the Americans. If only Adolf Hitler's worst offense was expressing his desire to build a wall on the southern border with Austria. The historical ignorance of these privileged Americans is beyond sickening.”

• A man in Pyongyang, North Korea: “These people can protest the president of their country and wake up alive and free to talk about it the next day? When I was a young boy, some men showed up at my home and accused my father of speaking out against the president of my country. That was the last time I ever saw my father. I saw a protester in Washington DC get arrested for violent behavior as bystanders chanted 'this is what a police state looks like'. These ignorant fools have no idea what a police state looks like.”

• A thinking woman in London, England: “Who the hell is Ashley Judd and why was she prematurely released from the asylum? Why doesn't Scarlett Johansson just ask for more money or refuse to make the film? If producers feel that she is as vital to the success of the movie as her male counterparts they will gladly pay her equally. Don't these people understand how freedom and free markets work? Are we really supposed to feel bad for a woman who makes millions of dollars pretending to be somebody else because another individual was paid even more? I would give anything to have Scarlett Johansson's problems.”

• A thinking woman in Buenos Aires, Argentina: “Who the hell is Ashley Judd and why did she stop taking her medicine? I couldn't make out very much of her incoherent, hate-filled rant but I was able to decipher one thing she said because I have heard it many times before from American liberals. They appear to spend half their time complaining about greedy corporations who care about nothing but profits and the other half complaining that women, particularly black and Latina women, are paid less than white men. This confuses me. Which one is it? Are corporations greedy or sexist and racist? They can't really be both. If evil, greedy corporations cared about nothing except making money and they could pay women so much less to do the same job, wouldn't the entire corporate American workforce be women, starting with blacks and Latinas? Do these people even think before they speak?”

• A gay man in Damascus, Syria: “I see a lot of gay-rights activists protesting supposed oppression. I'm not exactly sure what rights gay Americans are being deprived of after anti-gay-marriage former president Barack Obama finally gave in and the Supreme court upheld marriage equality, but they certainly feel free to express their feelings. I have no intention of ever whispering a word about my sexual orientation. I was in love once. One night, he mentioned his homosexual feelings to some beloved members of his family. He was promptly hogtied and thrown off of a rooftop. His murderers were not only able to avoid prosecution but they were praised for upholding the values of our society.”

• An Inuit in Northern Greenland: “What is this global warming I keep hearing about, what does it have to do with feminist issues and when will finally get here? I'm freezing!”

• A woman in Pittsburgh, Pa: “Please God don’t let me see anyone I know wearing a vagina suit or carrying a sign that says “Free Palestine”.

• A woman in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada: “Thank God none of these insane American celebrity narcissists followed through on their promise to move here.”

Millions upon millions of human beings in this world endure hardships completely unfathomable to those of us fortunate enough to live in free and civil societies. They suffer from hunger, disease, genocide, bloody civil wars and horrific racial, gender, sexual orientation and religious oppression. And while this suffering takes place, people gather in the world’s freest, most prosperous and most tolerant nations to claim solidarity with the international community’s truly persecuted. They profess to empathize with the oppressed while lamenting taxes on tampons and the fact that millionaire women celebrities make less money than millionaire male celebrities. They make outrageous, historically ignorant comparisons between American politicians and some of history’s most brutal and sadistic tyrants. They commit acts of violence, fully aware that the harshest repercussions will most likely involve potentially spending a night in prison before being released. All the while claiming to be victims of an authoritarian police state.

The election of Donald Trump was due, in part, to the attitudes of many Americans who are tired of those who concern themselves with “what will the world think” before taking actions beneficial to the United States and its citizens. They are tired of leaders who travel the world making apologies on behalf of America and they refuse to apologize for success, or even excess. But for those still concerned with what the world thinks, it can be safely assumed that they think how fortunate people must be to have the freedom to partake in protest against their own government without fear. But as we reign in a new era of “America first”, who really cares what the world thinks?

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