Folks, you’re missing the point about the Ninth Circuit Court decision…


I know the topic du jour is the Ninth Circuit Court decision on President Trump’s temporary travel halt on seven countries — first named by Barack Obama. We can discuss this ad nauseam, ad infinitum, but there’s one thing crystal clear: judicial activism has now crept into foreign policy and national security decisions.

Perhaps this should just be left alone, and let the progressive socialist left own the consequences of our national security. If the liberal progressives no longer believe we are a sovereign nation and entry into our country is a privilege, not a right, then let them own it.

We know what happened with Tashfeen Malik and the fiancee visa. We know what happened, and continues to happen, with student visas. Sadly, no one came out and protested and cried all over the place when Barack Obama did likewise in his tenure with Iran, and changed the Cuban immigration policy in his final week in office. Such abhorrent hypocrisy.

The lesson we need to glean from this court decision, and the reaction of the left is that they cannot be trusted with the national security of the United States. The wholesale move towards the open border and sanctuary city — and state — movement demonstrates they seek to undermine the sovereignty of this Constitutional Republic.

And sadly, there’s more evidence that the liberal progressive left wants to leave America unprotected.

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