LAKELAND, Fla. - And you thought dinosaurs were extinct.

Video of a massive alligator spotted in Lakeland was posted to Facebook on Sunday, raising the eyebrows of many.

Kim Joiner told News 6 that she captured the video at the Polk Nature Discovery Center. 

"It looks like a dinosaur," News 6 anchor Justin Warmoth said.

"Is that real?" News 6 anchor Kirstin O'Connor asked upon first viewing the video. 

"Yes, it's real," Joiner told News 6 social media producer Shannon McLellan.

Joiner estimated the gator to be at least 12 feet long. When asked about the beast's weight, Joiner said, "Huge!"

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The event captured in the video, posted on 15 January 2017, was not the first time a massive alligator had been spotted in Lakeland. In May 2016, a similarly gigantic alligator was videos sauntering across a golf course:

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