Firing Fallout: Media Jump on Trump for Dumping Comey

By Howard Kurtz | Fox News

For all the questions swirling around President Trump’s abrupt decision to fire James Comey, one stands out above all:

Why now?

If the administration rationale—that the FBI director botched the investigation of Hillary Clinton last summer—is accurate, why didn’t the president-elect dump him during the transition?

To say there is media skepticism about this rationale would be a colossal understatement.

In the hours after the bombshell announcement, Fox’s Charles Krauthammer said the explanation was “highly implausible” and “almost inexplicable.” MSNBC’s Chris Matthews branded it the “Tuesday night massacre,” likening it to Richard Nixon’s Saturday night firing of the Watergate special prosecutor, because Trump “fired the guy investigating his team.” CNN’s Jeff Toobin called it a “grotesque abuse of power.”

The journalistic assumption—pushed by Democrats like Chuck Schumer, who demanded a special prosecutor—is that Trump dumped Comey to impede the FBI’s investigation of Trump associates and any improper contacts with Russia.

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