Feminist Takes In Refugee To Prove They’re Peaceful, Instantly Regrets It

Mad World News -- 

After a liberal feminist joined the open borders organization “Refugees Welcome,” she decided to prove that multiculturalism works by taking in a refugee. However, shortly after welcoming the migrant into her home, she was slapped with a brutal dose of reality that she’ll never forget.

Sick of being an armchair activist, an unnamed liberal feminist was determined to actually do something that makes a difference in the world. By becoming a member of “Refugees Welcome,” the 20-year-old leftist was told by the website that if she took in a homeless asylum seeker, she’d “get to know a different culture.” Falling for the liberal propaganda, she was given a 26-year-old Afghan dependent who had come to Germany 2 years ago.

Putting her beliefs into action, the woman welcomed the Muslim migrant into her hometo live with her and her brother. Shortly after opening her apartment and arms to the male refugee, she found out the hard way why open borders simply don’t work.

Local media reported that the liberal millennial awoke one night to find the refugee raping her. After several minutes of the sexual assault, she managed to break free and run to her brother’s room until police arrived and arrested the migrant.

After the incident on October 25, 2015, a judge in Cologne has finally sentenced the migrant. Once again seeing her liberal values in full effect, the victim watched as her rapist was sentenced to a paltry 2-and-a-half-year sentence in June 2016.Fortunately, the asylum seeker’s lawyer demanded an acquittal, which ended up with a year now being added to his term, the Expressreports. Of course, he still won’t be deported and the liberal feminist will most likely see her abuser back on the streets in no time.

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