FBI: No Charges Against Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn Because He BROKE NO LAWS!

John Hayward | Breitbart -- 

Law enforcement officials told CNN on Friday that, “barring new information that changes what they know,” charges will not be recommended against former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn over his telephone conversations with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

Michael Flynn’s pre-inauguration calls to Kislyak became a controversy that ultimately resulted in his resignation, but even the final wave of media reports in the onslaught against him conceded that no illegal behavior occurred in the selected portions of his phone transcripts leaked to the media. Flynn’s defenders suspected the full transcripts were not leaked because they would prove he did nothing illegal. That suspicion appears confirmed by CNN’s report:

Flynn initially told investigators sanctions were not discussed. But FBI agents challenged him, asking if he was certain that was his answer. He said he didn’t remember.

The FBI interviewers believed Flynn was cooperative and provided truthful answers. Although Flynn didn’t remember all of what he talked about, they don’t believe he was intentionally misleading them, the officials say.

However, CNN concludes by noting, “there is still an ongoing, broader FBI review of Flynn and Russia-related dealings.”

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