'ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM': Obama's Return to Chicago Overshadowed by City's Record-Setting Murder Rate

By Matt Finn | FoxNews.com --

As President Obama returns to his adopted hometown of Chicago to give his farewell speech Tuesday night, a dark cloud hangs over the city where the record-setting murder rate is so high there are pleas to declare a state of emergency.

“When there is a fire in America, a tornado, a hurricane, they call it a state of emergency, federal funds come in, and help rebuild that town or that community,” said prominent anti-crime activist, Father Michael Pfleger.  “Well, hell, we have a state of emergency in Chicago.”

In 2016, 762 people were murdered in Chicago. That’s a 63 percent increase from the 468 murders recorded in 2015 and almost double the murders in 2014, according to Chicago Police.

Shootings also are way up -- 4,331 people were shot in Chicago in 2016, up from 3,550 in 2015, according to police.

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