Disturbing new undercover video alleged to be John Podesta abusing a child is making the rounds on the Internet #Pizzagate

Eddie Savage | RedFlag News --

An undercover "leaked" video is making its way around the dark underbelly of the Internet alleged to be of John Podesta abusing or conditioning a child for sexual abuse. While the person heard in the video is never seen, there are may other videos on YouTube comparing the voice in the video with that of Podesta, and the consensus is that its the same person.

The videos are being taken down from YouTube almost as fast as they pop up. We are providing these so you can make up your own mind about the contents and repercussions while the videos are still available. The first video is the raw undercover video of the alleged incident. Following are various YouTube videos dissecting the original and making the case against Podesta and his alleged connection to the Pizzagate scandal.

The video comes from an obscure website known a WorldCorp Enterprises which hosts a slew of other related and equally disturbing videos here.

Caution! This video is very disturbing and unsettling. Watch at your own risk!

Regardless of who is actually in the video, what transpires is nothing less that pure evil itself.

Some analysis videos:

A Reddit post has been made dedicated to this topic. To see the discussion and further evidence and backstory, please visit it here.

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