Conservative Students Attacked At NYU Over Another Conservative Speaker

Ray Villeda | NBC News -- 

Chaos erupted at NYU when controversial personality Gavin McInnes arrived to speak Thursday evening, with angry protesters coming to blows, students getting arrested, and McInnes himself getting hit with pepper-spray.

McInnes, a conservative actor, comedian and co-founder of Vice Media, was invited to speak at the Kimmel Center on campus by the NYU College Republican group, according to the student blog NYU Local.

His appearance sparked a protest by other students, including the NYU Anti-Fascists, who said McInnes "has a long track record of using incendiary language to attract media attention and frenzy." They referred to past articles he's written and podcasts he's hosted in which he used derogatory words to describe transgender women and to the actress Jada Pinkett Smith.

A fight broke out among the people who were gathered outside, though it's not clear who they were. McInnes, meanwhile, was hit with pepper spray, according to Beckman.

One student who went to attend the event said protesters took things too far.

 "We just wanted to come and listen to the speaker," the student said. "As soon as we got here, a bunch of individuals came, tried to Mace us, tried to punch us several times. I've been called a Nazi." 

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