Coke Dealer Pardoned By Obama Now Charged... With Dealing Coke

Joseph Curl | The Daily Wire -- 

A drug dealer whose life sentence was commuted by then President Barack Obama is right back where he belongs: Behind bars.

Obama went on a mercy binge at the end of his final term in office, granting commutations and pardons for all sorts of criminals. He let drug dealers off who trafficked methamphetamine, crack cocaine, marijuana. He let people off who were caught with 200 pounds of drugs -- and arsenals of weapons. In all he let more than 1,700 criminals out of jail.

And he let Robert M. Gill out, too.  In 1990, Gill (also known as aka Robert M. Martinez-Gil and Robert Martinez-Gil) was sentenced to life in prison on charges of possession of cocaine and heroin with intent to distribute.

But Obama decided he'd done his time, saying he was releasing Gill because "you have demonstrated the potential to turn your life around. ... Now it is up to you to make the most of this opportunity.”

Boy, did he.

Last week, according to papers filed in court by federal officials, Gill met with his probation officers -- and right after that went to a shopping center's parking lot to buy more than two pounds of cocaine. The Star-Telegram paper picks up the story.

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