CNN’s Michael Smerconish: Media Should Out Anonymous People If They Say ‘Bigoted’ Things

CNN wants to police what you say. They still don't get it.

Via Daily Caller:

CNN host Michael Smerconish thinks CNN should have identified the anonymous Reddit user who took credit for a video showing President Trump body-slamming the CNN logo.

“If he continues to be a racist, if he continues to be a bigot, if he continues to be anti-Semitic, they’re gonna out him. Yeah, I like that! He should be outed,” Smerconish said on his SiriusXM radio show on Wednesday. Smerconish hosts a weekend news program for CNN.

He later added in a Facebook video on Thursday that people who “promote hate” and “attract the attention of the president” become a story and “sacrifice any right to privacy that you otherwise would have had.”

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