CNN’s Cuomo Equates the ‘N Word’ with Using the Term ‘Fake News’ Against Journalists


These people are unbelievably tone deaf -- insulated in their world of fetishes and drugs and all of the worst elements of mankind. Here is neo-liberal Chris Cuomo from CNN, in an interview with Michael Smerconish on Sirius XM yesterday, telling his listeners that saying 'fake news' to a journalist is the same, mind you, as calling a black person the 'N word' or derogatory term to an Italian (if alive, his father would smack him in the face with a meatball hero).
Nevermind the fact that the 'N word' is rooted in hatred for a group of people for nothing other than the color of their skin. Juxtapose that against the term 'fake news', used against corrupt journalists and organizations using their platforms to deceive people, purposely, for political/social justard means, and one could make an indelible argument that Mr. Chris Cuomo is, in fact, a f**king moron.

Let's not forget his infamous foray into the Wikileaks dilemma this summer, telling viewers that it was, in fact, illegal to view the Wikileaks -- that they should reserve such a privilege to the professionals in the media.